The culmination of decades of research and development, our cutting-edge Tri-fluid Spray System (TSS) is a highly effective fire suppression system for inventory in typical high stacking racking configurations.

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More effective than conventional sprinkler systems

Most modern systems rely on rising heat to detect fires and trigger large-scale suppression measures that often lead to costly inventory and warehouse damage.

TSS is highly effective at combatting these problems. Because the system is custom-mounted directly on every shelf, fires can be detected much more quickly. A specially formulated wetting agent clings to surfaces and penetrates at a much better rate than water, ensuring quick and effective fire suppression.

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Tri-fluid Spray System Features


Accurate water application ensures early damp down and restriction of water damage.


Effective mitigation of risk can lead to a potential reduction of your insurance premiums.


Reduced water tanks and pumps footprint leaves you with more inventory space.


A wetting agent is added to the water, which means that significantly less water is required.


The close proximity of the detection system to your inventory ensures faster fire detection.


The system uses high quality material to ensure a long lifespan and low maintenance.