Fire Design House: Pioneers in fire protection

A collective of engineers and entrepreneurs with decades of hands-on experience in fire protection, Fire Design House leads the way in developing and installing highly innovative products and solutions that help to mitigate the risk and impact of fire.

The Tri-fluid Spray System: Smarter, faster, more effective fire protection

Decades in the making, our Tri-Fluid Spray System, or TSS for short, is the ultimate fire protection solution for warehousing and storage environments.

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The Tri-fluid Spray System: Watch a Full Demonstration Video

Nothing matches the effectiveness of the TSS in action. Our demonstration video re-iterates the TSS and it’s prompt reaction to the root of the fire when compared to a conventional sprinklet system.

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Fire Design House Products

Fire Suppression Systems

Detect and suppress fires quickly and effectively

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Division Separation

Effective fire barriers suitable for a range of environments

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Smoke Control

End-to-end fire protection solutions


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